Technical Training Services

What are the services we offer?


IKT3 Certification

The lack of IKT3 certified engineers in the majority of the large-size industry is a tremendous deficit. This is primarily necessary for the sake of employee safety and for the stable operation of the sector under proper management.
Fusion provides IKT3 training and certification, thus helping fulfill the deficit in the required numbers of Certified engineers.


Training on the Job

Fusion Outsourcing offers cross-training programs as a flexible option to enthusiastic and well-rounded engineers. As a result, they are able to improve their skill sets and accelerate their careers.


Practical training sessions

While theoretical lectures and sessions are crucial to understanding the basics, at Fusion, every learning module is also incorporated with intense practical training sessions. This helps them hone their skills to perfection and gives them a better understanding of the lesson.


Always on a lookout for the next expert

Fusion is always on the lookout for candidates with bright prospects. Fresh entry-level candidates with stellar basics and exemplary performance records are often recruited into the traineeship program.


Creating all-rounders

Fusion primarily prepares engineers to become Certified IKT3 Inspectors. However, they are also trained to hone their personal and professional skills that can help change their career trajectory for good. Every candidate is trained on the inner functionality and operations of the company to help them find the most suitable opportunities.

Why Us?

The global shortage of certified inspectors with IKT3 certified licenses has been a severe backlog for the majority of large-scale industries. IKT3 certification is a mandated necessity for inspection of any industry's safety, compliance, and operations. 

Fusion Outsourcing has created a well-crafted training module targeting engineers and professionals with similar profiles who are willing to upgrade their skills to fill in these voids. Post 3 yrs of professional training, the Engineers will be able to make a quick and effortless transition as IKT3 certified Inspectors.

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