Employer of Record Services

Strategize your global presence with the employer of record service.

Employer of record (EOR) service is an essential aspect to plan a global future. Offering products and services ensure smooth and consistent growth of a company. However, to create a global presence, it is essential that companies take a step ahead to make a difference. This is where an EOR adds value. An organization planning global expansion depends upon EOR, a third-party organization to hire resources in a foreign land without any local presence.

Following are the key points that make EOR necessary.

  1. Visa sponsorship
  2. Work permit arrangement
  3. Process all the necessary paper works
  4. End-to-end relocation process
  5. Managing the life cycle of the employee
  6. An established local and legal entity for the company
  7. Ensure compliance with the local laws
  8. Offer insurance support and taxation solutions

Fusion Outsourcing Employer of Record solutions in Qatar


Global employment outsourcing solutions

We help our clients hire and manage talent. By relying on in-house providers for all procedures instead of third parties.


Immigration support

International hiring can be challenging due to the complicated nature of immigration laws. Fusion Outsourcing assists international employees with obtaining the correct visas and permits for their new work locations.


Support for location-specific employees

Our locally available team can regularly check in with a new hire for our clients. Our local service teams are available to answer any questions you may have.


Manage both payroll and benefits

Payroll procedures vary from country to country. Fusion outsourcing provides payroll services that comply with local regulations. We help manage every aspect of payroll processing. Our services include setting up a local bank account, paying taxes, and handling employee compensation.


Services for demobilization

If a worker's employment is terminated at the end of their contract or by either party. Fusion outsourcing supports tax clearance, immigration cancellations, and end-of-lease arrangements. We can also help you close your bank accounts, arrange return travel, and more.

Why choose Fusion Outsourcing and Services?

We provide businesses and employees with the support they need to achieve sustainable growth. All our services are geared toward this goal.

Excellent resource from the global talent pool.

Allows for better market access.

Flexibility to operate within legal constraints.

Cost-effective solution for organizations.

Agile go-to marketing strategy.

Minimizes risk.

A strong network of partners.

Experts in the field of recruitment services who understand your business needs.

The collective experience of 40years of helping companies grow

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