How Recruitment Outsourcing Companies Help You Find Top Talent


24 Nov, 2022

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The labour market has now oriented more towards job seekers. While you are struggling with hiring the right candidates for your organization, your competitors are ending up with more qualified candidates – which indicates your current employee hunting process isn’t going as expected.

When you have a staffing agency by your side, hiring will be 10 times easier. Be it sourcing, screening, training and even deploying the candidates – a recruiting agency will have it all covered.

What is a Recruitment Process Outsourcing Company?

A recruitment process outsourcing company or a staffing agency is a third party that assists you in reaching your personnel requirements. When you need personnel, staffing companies search, attract, and hire them by matching employee qualifications with job responsibilities.

When you outsource your employment requirements to a staffing agency, you have a better chance of promptly filling open jobs. Many businesses outsource to staffing firms. Because so many candidates have registered with them, the hiring service has a wide network. Top talent is more likely to be found through a staffing agency.

How Staffing Agencies are of immense help

Have you ever wondered why you can’t find top talent despite your best effort? Although your in-house talent acquisition services are well equipped with the desired technology and knowledge, you are still unable to get quality hires.

This is why staffing agencies ease the recruitment process for you. They fetch qualified and dedicated applicants for your requirements. Plus, their responsibility is not restricted to just hiring. There are other obligations related to recruiting which have to be considered.

For example, suppose you’re looking for someone to fill a vacant management post. You will also require a mentor for your staff. So, if you employ a manager through a hiring agency, chances are they have mentoring experience as well. So your work is over.

It might come as a surprise to you but more than 90% of businesses hire through staffing agencies. Here are seven strategies for locating great personnel with the assistance of a hiring agency. You may also use these services to overcome personnel issues.

1. You get to save time & money

When you outsource to a staffing agency, you have access to a large number of professionals. Each specialist is there to perform a certain staffing function. Companies providing RPO solutions have the expertise in identifying applicants from reliable sources. They would understand which platforms to target, how to use application monitoring and staffing tools, how to target passive prospects, and how to conduct a speedy talent search, among other things.

The way these agencies operate splits the labour and makes the procedure more quicker and simpler. Thus, you end up saving you both time and money. If you are about to hire someone and have no idea what you’re doing, chances are you’ll end up with the wrong applicant after a lengthy procedure who is unfit for the position.

2. Well suited for temporary staffing or other requirements

Most firms are hesitant to hire full-time staff because they want flexibility, or the job role may only be available for a limited time.

A staffing agency can assist with temporary hiring. You do not need to recruit a permanent staff if you do not require one. Your existing employee may be on leave for two months, therefore if you do not want your job to suffer and cannot let off the person who is on leave, you should use a staffing agency.

3. Reduced risks

When you hire a talent acquisition firm, it assumes all of the risks associated with recruiting people. The do background checks, complete all legal duties, and manage financial risks as well. They handle everything for you, whether it’s employee insurance or taxes. Relying on internal recruitment procedures might sometimes cost you a lot of money or legal trouble. If an employee does not perform well, you may contact the staffing agency, and they will send another person to you, making it a win-win situation.

4. Salary negotiations

A staffing firm providing RPO services handles compensation discussions with new recruits on your behalf. When you give them your budget, they will either offer you the finest applicants within that budget or urge you to raise it if it is too low. The next step is for them to recruit competent individuals and negotiate salaries within your budget.

This relieves you of the strain of negotiating with staff and lowers the danger of a disastrous agreement. As a result, employment agency specialists make your job easier by doing the duty themselves.

5. Interviews candidates on your behalf

Experts from staffing agencies conduct interviews on your behalf. When they locate appropriate applicants from a pool of CVs, they call them in for interviews and perform preliminary testing. This initial exam is a brief aptitude test designed to measure the candidate’s knowledge, abilities, and other traits.

The screening interview determines if the candidate is qualified for the position and examines their personality attributes. If you do these interviews yourself, it will be a time-consuming and unpredictable procedure, so hire a recruiting agency to do it for you.

6. Shorter time to hire

LinkedIn discovered that firms took anywhere from a few days to four months to find the appropriate person. 70% of firms take months to hire new employees. If you opt to delegate this job to a staffing agency, your time-to-hire will be reduced while your organizational performance will not suffer as a result of the empty position.

When it takes longer to fill a vacancy, the entire company suffers since work is halted. All roles are intertwined. For example, if there is no manager, who will report on employees to upper management? As a result, the subordinates will start slacking and the upper management will have to postpone strategy development.

7. Unparalleled expertise

Just like you, companies providing RPO solutions have experience in what they do. Assume you are an auditor; you will be aware of every market trend, software, strategies to improve your processes, the need of the hour, and much more.

Similarly, employment companies have extensive expertise and abilities in their respective sectors. They research industry trends and look for new approaches to attract top people. They recognize the importance of recruiting in all industries and then discover the finest prospects for you.


How should you work with a staffing agency?

Here are some general guidelines for working with a recruiting agency.

1. Select a staffing agency

First, seek employment firms that are a good fit for your requirements. Staffing firms specialize in various areas, so select a staffing agency that specializes in your field. You can convey your reservations more readily with an industry mutual agency. Because not every agency is the greatest, you must do your research and understand which has the best evaluations.

2. Hire

Hire your preferred agency once you’ve decided on one. You must contact them, explain your requirements, and define the time and kind of employment. Describe the work duties and skills needed. Clarity from the start is critical for the correct hiring. You must pay a price, sign a contract, and leave the rest to them.

3. Express yourself

Maintain constant contact with the agency for follow-up and to answer any questions. At no point should you ghost them? To locate and shortlist the best personnel, you must both be on the same page. If you lose communication, you may be dissatisfied with the employee they give you. Furthermore, after you’ve found the appropriate agency to meet your work needs, stick with it. It will also be handy for future work roles.

Myths about recruitment agencies

There are a few misconceptions about staffing firms. These factors may prohibit you from hiring a staffing agency. So, in order to protect you from such misleading statements and consecutive organizational damage, we will debunk them for you.

1. They are costly

Recruitment agencies would seem expensive, but not more than in-house staffing. After all, they handle every burden associated with staffing. If you employ in-house staffing, chances are you won’t have enough resources. This will force you to first purchase such resources, such as software and specialists.

When it comes to recruitment, you might not know where to begin. When you use an agency, you have access to a larger applicant pool and a greater grasp of the industry, which will save you from future problems. Incurring losses on lesser productivity is the last thing you want, and an agency will save you from that.

2. Staffing agency employees are untrustworthy

You may believe that workers who were unable to find work elsewhere enrolled with a staffing agency. This is not correct. Some employees are continuously seeking change, and staffing agencies are well-known for temporary hiring, therefore individuals register with agencies in order to work with other firms. This is not a terrible thing; rather, people acquire experience and become more trustworthy to work with.

Bottom Line

Now that you know how recruitment outsourcing companies help in locating the most qualified individuals on the market, you can forget your hiring woes and focus on what’s more important – your business’ growth. Their expertise and knowledge are capable of managing all aspects of recruiting and employment.

You only need to pay them and find skilled workers that exactly suit your job requirements. However, have you ever pondered how employment firms get excellent talent? Even if you understand how to attract top talent, it won’t be enough because staffing firms have specific methods for attracting high personnel. If you want to avoid the difficulty of locating the ideal candidate for your position, you could outsource this obligation to a hiring agency.