Recruitment Process Outsourcing

What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) refers to the process of outsourcing a company’s permanent recruitment needs to an external agency.

It is possible for an RPO provider to function as an extension of a company’s resourcing or HR function. This is done by working on-site with the customer and providing a comprehensive hiring solution. Recruitment outsourcing companies can provide clients with the necessary staff, technology, and methodology to fulfil their recruitment needs.

Scalable & Effective Recruitment Outsourcing Solutions

We know managing workforce costs, ramping up a team quickly, or hiring skilled talent for your organization is a lot to handle on your own. Our experts can handle these responsibilities while you focus on other priorities. You can be assured that you will be receiving the best solution for your hiring needs.

Great talent is rare and when it comes to hiring for more complex positions, the search becomes more complicated. This is where our experience and expertise come in handy – by using the resources at our disposal in attracting and retaining the top talent for your organization.

Over the years, our RPO solutions have been proven to benefit numerous organizations regardless of their industrial nature.

Through strategic business reviews, performance monitoring, and keeping you updated on fast-moving market trends, we become your strategic partner for the long run, helping you optimize and retain your workforce.

We intend to position your business for success by ensuring our people are the most competent.

RPO Services That Promise Nothing but Excellence

You can dream big, and we will help you achieve it while you are at it. Here are some of the takeaways of working with one of the best recruitment outsourcing companies you’d like to experience.


With our time-saving capability, we take away the responsibility of searching, filtering, and nurturing qualified candidate profiles.


Our Staffing experts invest their extensive knowledge in shortlisting candidates that suit different industries and job requirements.


Eliminate the hassles of handling payroll taxes, compensation, and employment benefits.


Access to staffing experts who know how to tap a wider pool of job seekers by sharing resources on a larger platform.


Witness significant increases in your productivity with the help of candidates that are professionally dedicated to your organization.


You will save significantly on training costs as we hire candidates with advanced skills & right caliber

Get It Right with Us

As an experienced Recruitment Process Outsourcing company, we can help you take advantage of your growth potential in less time, not only by transforming the way you hire but also by realizing your growth potential. This involves utilizing our years of experience in attracting the talent, training it appropriately, deploying it onboard and keeping tabs on their performance to ensure everything is in order.
Hence, we don’t leave any stone unturned in our approach to delivering you the best. We specialize in seeking knowledgeable professionals and hiring skilled talent focusing on three key areas of manpower staffing:

Large-scale recruitment : For long-term projects, large-scale recruitment is often required, and it is in no way like other forms of staffing. We support high-volume staffing needs to accomplish project objectives within the given timelines while ensuring quality manpower.

Getting the right technical skillset : Finding certain technical skills is often challenging, causing the work to slow down. Our RPO solutions expedite the core processes involved in acquiring technical talent - sourcing, screening, hiring, and onboarding the right people with scalability, talent advisory, and providing hiring support.

Industry-Wide Recruiting : Each industry has its own specific needs, and we understand that quite well. Our dedicated team of recruiters delivers efficient staffing services along with revolutionary RPO solutions across different industries and markets with agility.

As the best RPO service providers, Fusion Outsourcing’s expertise includes

Curating the job requirements from the description development to the Job Posting

Creating a market map based on the analytics

Recruitment processing from candidate response to an interview

Logistics and Permits

Onboarding and system compliance

Induction with the Human Resource Information System

At Fusion Outsourcing, we offer an excellent recruitment process while building a long-term relationship with the client and the candidates. If you are looking to recruit talents into your organization but do not have the time or resources to do so, we are here to help you.\

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