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What is an Employer of Record (EOR)?

Employer of record (EOR) is a global employment service provider that helps you hire employees legally in other countries. Employer of record (EOR) service providers handle payroll, benefits, taxes, stock options, and local compliance, so you can concentrate on your team.

Multinational companies hire employees from employers of record to help them scale internationally. By setting up an Employer of record, a company can expand operations into another country without having to establish a local entity, which can be time-consuming and expensive. Businesses of all sizes can hire and pay workers in other countries quickly and affordably by working with an EOR service provider like Fusion Outsourcing and Services.

Strategize your global presence with the employer of record service.

Employer of record (EOR) service is an essential aspect of building a global future. Hiring the candidates isn’t enough: there must be proper monitoring of their payroll, taxes, visa and sponsorship applications, benefits and insurance and other relevant activities that are very crucial to retain top talent in your company.

When your organization looks forward to expanding its operations, it becomes imperative to involve reliable employer of record services. The process of the EOR entails that the clients of the firm have to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of their firm from the perspective of both their country of origin and the country of operation.

To create a global presence, it is essential that companies take a step ahead to make a difference. This is where an EOR adds value. An organization planning global expansion depends upon EOR, a third-party organization to hire resources in a foreign land without any local presence.

Employer Of Record Services make a huge difference to your organization, and here are some functions that are indispensable for efficient hiring:

  1. Visa sponsorship
  2. Hassle-free Work permit arrangement
  3. Expediting necessary paper works
  4. End-to-end relocation process
  5. Managing the life cycle of the employee
  6. An established local and legal entity for the company
  7. Ensure compliance with the local laws
  8. Offering support for insurance and tax solutions.

Say Yes to Quality Hiring with the Leading Employer of Record Solutions in Qatar


Global Employment Outsourcing Solutions

Hiring and managing talent doesn’t come with headaches; at least not with us. By relying on our in-house providers for all procedures instead of third parties, we guarantee time-bound results without compromising on quality. No matter what position you need to fill, we will get it done at our full capacity.


Immigration Support

International hiring can be challenging due to the complicated nature of immigration laws. Fusion Outsourcing assists international employees through the employer of record services with obtaining the correct visas and permits for their new work locations.


Support for Location-Specific Employees

A member of our local team can regularly check in with a new hire for our clients. Our local service teams are available to answer any questions you may have. It can be difficult to properly fulfil your duties as a manager to your remote employees, but it is possible to provide the quality of support that they need. We adopt the best practices for providing support to employees working offsite.


Manage Both Payroll and Benefits

Payroll procedures vary from country to country. Fusion outsourcing provides payroll services that comply with local regulations. We help manage every aspect of payroll processing. Our services include setting up a local bank account, paying taxes, and handling employee compensation.


Services For Demobilization

If a worker's employment is terminated at the end of their contract or by either party. At Fusion Outsourcing, we offer a wide range of services such as tax clearance, immigration cancellations, and lease terminations. We can also help you close your bank accounts, arrange return travel, and more.

Fusion Outsourcing and Services is the right recruitment service partner for you

We, as EOR service providers cater to the ever-evolving needs of businesses and employees with the support they need to achieve sustainable growth. All our services are geared toward this goal.
Our consultants, who are specialists in the regional labor market, collaborate with you to understand your company's needs. They find talent using the most recent technologies and make full use of their people's abilities to make sure the right talent is brought to you. This is how we assist you in maintaining your pace when it comes to the growth of your business.
Get ready to have an unparalleled experience of hiring talent for your company, while getting to focus on what’s more critical:

An excellent pool of talent from around the world.

Enabling better market access.

Providing flexibility to operate within legal constraints.

Cost-effective solutions for organizations.

Agile go-to marketing strategy.

Minimized risks of hiring.

Foster a robust network of partners.

Experts in the field of recruitment services who understand your business needs.

The collective experience of 40 years of helping companies grow

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