Project Manager

Job Title : Project Manager

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Job description

  1. Coordinate between your team and the purchaser site team
  2. Present to Daily meetings which are provided by Customer, and purchaser
  3. Assistance to explain to your crew about the technical advice from the purchaser’s Coordinator and TAs.
  4. Coordinate the preparation for outages as manpower, facilities, and tools for off-site
  5. Management of the manpower based on work schedule, quality controls, and safety.
  6. Take measurements of the issue which is happened during maintenance work.
  7. Safety management with contractor’s safety persons.
  8. Issue a necessary document to the purchaser as required.
  9. Set up the foreign object control area around turbines.

Required Knowledge/Capability/Qualification

  1. Knowledge of overhaul work of large-scale turbines
  2. Knowledge of lifting work of heavy components, piping work, welding work, thermal insulation work and scaffolding work
  3. Knowledge of tools, equipment, and material necessary for an overhaul of large-scale turbines
  4. Capable to plan schedules, manpower, and necessary tools/equipment for an overhaul of large-scale turbines.
  5. Capable to arrange necessary manpower, tools/equipment for an overhaul of large-scale turbines.
  6. Capable to manage/control staff and workers including safety.
  7. Qualified for Work Permit Receiver of RGPC’s regulation.
  8. Knowledge of safety management.
  9. Knowledge of quality assurance.
  10. Experience of more than 5 years working as management for an overhaul of large-scale turbines.
  11. Understands the technical language (English) used on the working site to communicate with TAs