Job Title : Foreman

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Job description

  1. To ask Permit issuer to issue the work permit to execute the jobs.
  2. Present Daily toolbox meeting which is provided by the purchaser.
  3. Report the progress to the contractor’s Project Engineer, and purchaser’s Coordinator.
  4.  Arrange the contractor’s manpower properly based on the purchaser’s Coordinator and TA’s instructions.
  5.  Management of contractor’s works
  6. Execute the jobs for maintenance work for turbine including key jobs.
  7. Management of job qualities including foreign material controls
  8. Take measurements about the issue which is happened during maintenance work.
  9. Dividing fitter and helper to some working teams and nominate team leaders for each working teams.

Required Knowledge/Capability/Qualification

  1. Knowledge of assembly/disassembly procedure of large-scale turbines.
  2. Knowledge of key points in the assembly/disassembly procedure of large-scale gas turbines or steam turbines.
  3. Knowledge of lifting work of heavy components, piping work, welding work thermal insulation work and scaffolding work.
  4. Knowledge of tools, equipment, and material necessary for overhaul of large-scale gas turbine or steam turbine.
  5. Capable to carry out work by himself to instruct helpers.
  6. Capable to control workers.
  7. Experience of more than 2 years working as a foreman for overhaul of large-scale turbines.
  8.  Capable to follow the safety rules and health environment
  9. Capable to use technical language (English) used on the working site to communicate with TAs