Offshore Recruitment

One-stop shop for all offshore recruitment needs in Qatar.

From logistics to management and transfer, when it comes to offshore recruitment, there are many challenges that need to be carefully analyzed and sorted.
Regardless of your project’s duration and location, we ensure a smooth, hassle-free, and efficient offshore recruitment process so you can focus on your business growth.

Our Offerings

We know what it takes to develop businesses - its people. Working with us gives you access to our expert services.

Candidate selection and employment

Visa, Work Permit, and Relocation

Employee logistic and transfer

Contract generation and renewal

Employee and Industrial Relations

Health, Safety, and Environment

Emergency Procedures

Training and Certifications


Fusion Outsourcing ensures that only the most efficient and qualified individuals are recruited for any designated vacancy. We make Onboarding a hassle-free experience for you while catering to all the documentation and official procedures  Visa and Work Permit to Payroll.

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