About Dhofar Global

Dhofar Global is a leading global hygiene and health company having its wide presence in the Gulf region. We are dedicated to improving human well-being through our products and services. Our global reach, expanding network of world-class partners, products and services, training and experience all together make us a valued partner for companies of all shapes and sizes.

Who They Are / History Overview

Our key priority is to ensure that our consumers have access to safe, innovative and sustainable health through our hygiene products, at the same time maximizing the potential of our industry for innovation and growth.

Companies trust us because we are innovative & transparent in all our approach. As a Company we prosper on innovation, we strive to continuously improve upon our product design and functionality to bring the best ‘customer experience’ using exceptional products at the most affordable price in the market.

There is a high level of reliability among our customers, since we are the market leaders we have a sense of responsibility towards raising the bar of our industry year by year and compete with ourselves. Even amid the recent Covid-19 outbreak which has affected millions of people and companies worldwide we looked beyond these crisis as an opportunity to prove our worth to our customers and start to plan for the next normal. Trapped by scarcity of raw materials, lack of consumer confidence due to prevailing market situation, saturated market and rising inflation, we as an organization prepared ourselves with advanced business strategies to Resolve, Return, Reimagine and get back to normal.

In the current scenario where even, big businesses are getting affected together with employees risking their jobs we manage to sustain and emerge out of this situation due to our consistent planning and dedicated professional approach. We believe that this pandemic is once in a generation chance to build a better future and build more reliable relationships with our customers.

Dhofar Global earning the trust of the world’s most prestigious clients. Our purpose is to provide our customers with a happier and healthier environment & a remarkable experience through innovative & superior quality products and customer service.

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