Fusion Outsourcing Services (FOS) is a subsidiary of Fusion Group Holding, specialised in workforce solutions through a range of services for the entire employment and business cycle. These include permanent, temporary, and contract recruitment; training; employee assessment and selection; outplacement; outsourcing and consulting. FOS provides skilled and professional manpower for several industries such as finance/banking staff, healthcare, oil and gas, hospitality, and ICT-IT staff.

FOS also provides flexible staffing solutions – a helpful tool to increase efficiency. This is especially important as the level of demand fluctuates and the need for workers may vary. Several sectors such as tourism, retail, construction, IT, oil & gas, and HR, are all exposed to seasonal changes. Flexible staffing ensures that the staffing level always matches the current need.

Beyond the benefit of a flexible staffing level for decreased costs and increased efficiency, there are several advantages with flexible staffing solutions:

– Find the expertise you need quickly. For a specific project, flexible staffing helps with finding the people with the appropriate skillset that will complete the project without a long-term engagement.

– Improve retention among core employees. Flexible staffing allows the staffing level to fluctuate without affecting the core employees which improves their job security.

– Opportunities to find permanent staff. A staff member hired temporarily may exceed expectations and have the potential to join the company in a permanent role.

– Cost-effective. It is generally cheaper with flexible staffing than hiring a company to complete the service.

FOS focuses on raising productivity through improved quality, efficiency, and cost-reduction, where clients can concentrate on their core business activities. In providing flexible staffing solutions, FOS can facilitate arrangements such as contract and temporary work.

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