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Whether you are looking to start a business in Qatar or you are simply considering business opportunities here, understanding who’s who and what they do is essential. So, whether you have an established business in Qatar or you have a business idea in mind, here are some of the most important contacts your Qatar business will need.

Ministry of Commerce and Industry

Responsible for overseeing commercial and industrial activities for the State of Qatar, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry is focused on the business development needed to attract investments, and support and develop exports. The Ministry is also in charge of regulating the practise of trade professions, registering commercial and investment establishments, issuing the necessary licenses to carry out their activities, and supervising the regulation and control of markets.

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Ministry of Administration Development, Labour and Social Affairs

The Ministry of Administration Development, Labour and Social Affairs supervises the implementation of the law, with a focus on Qatar’s labour laws. In charge of the establishment and regulation of policies for human resources within the government and private sector, the Ministry oversees policies and plans put in place for private sector workforce recruitment, developing their skills, settling labour disputes, issuing work licenses and penalising related violations.

The Ministry also monitors occupational safety and health procedures, inspecting companies and enterprises to ensure proper implementation of the Labour Law provisions, as well as supervising the provision of social security services, the implementation of housing policies, and publicising the registration of private societies and institutions.

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Responsible for planning and implementing foreign policy, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in charge of introducing the State of Qatar to the world, disseminating information about its cultural values and policies, and also protecting its interests overseas. The Ministry is involved in organising the exchange of diplomatic and consular representation with foreign countries and international organisations, as well as conducting the necessary discussions to conclude agreements and treaties, to then have them implemented.

In addition to leading mediation efforts, and consolidating international peace and security by encouraging the peaceful settlement of international disputes, the Ministry is also charged with protecting and representing the interests of the State and its citizens abroad.

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Ministry for Energy Affairs

Previously known as the  Ministry of Energy and Industry, the Ministry for Energy Affairs is responsible for ensuring Qatar’s natural resources are being optimised, while also being utilised according to relevant laws. While in charge of the development and overall policy regarding national industries, the Ministry oversees the regular and sustainable supply of energy, power and water within Qatar, making regular reviews of potential and viable alternatives for future use.

Ministry of Municipality and Environment

In charge of municipal affairs and urban planning, the Ministry of Municipality and Environment is responsible for the preparation of urban plans at the State level, land surveying, and land expropriation and temporary land acquisition for the public interest. Reviewing the recommendations of the Central Municipal Council, the Ministry is also tasked with the implementation of municipal projects, including buildings, gardens, parks and landscaping plantations, as well as monitoring building construction and building control.

In terms of environmental affairs, the Ministry is in charge of sustainable development, creating and implementing laws for the benefit of future generations, finding appropriate solutions for all environmental issues, and coordinating  the efforts of all government bodies and non-government organisations to protect the environment.

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Ministry of Public Health

Overseeing the quality and effectiveness of services delivered by public and private sector health service providers, the Ministry of Public Health supervises public health service programs, including disease prevention, occupational health, food safety, environmental safety and national immunisation programs. As part of its remit, the Ministry is also tasked with the preparation and development of Qatar’s National Health and Public Health Strategies, to then monitor their progress.

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Ministry of Transport and Communications

Regulating land, maritime and air transport in Qatar, the Ministry of Transport and Communications organises land and maritime transport businesses, develops and improves transport services, and oversees the development of the information and communications technology sector. This includes implementing and overseeing e-government programs, and raising awareness of the importance of ICT, working towards building a knowledge community based on digital economy.

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Qatar Petroleum

Qatar Petroleum (QP) is a state-owned public corporation responsible for all phases of the oil and gas industry in the State of Qatar. Overall, the company is in charge of the exploration, production, and local and international sale of crude oil, natural gas and gas liquids, refined products, synthetic fuels, petrochemicals, fuel additives, fertilisers, liquefied natural gas (LNG), steel and aluminium.

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Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy

In charge of all host country planning and operations for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) is responsible for delivering all infrastructure and proposed competition and non-competition venues. While integrating Qatari culture into its hosting plans, the SC also works to make Qatari football more competitive, and to meet its goal of an environmentally sustainable World Cup.

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Ashghal (Public Works Authority)

Established as an autonomous body to be responsible for the design, procurement, construction, delivery and asset management of infrastructure projects and public buildings in Qatar, Ashghal’s key responsibilities include governing the design, construction, and management of major projects including roads, drainage and buildings, such as public buildings, schools and hospitals.

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Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC)

As the National Olympic Committee of Qatar, the Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC) is the overall supervising body for the Olympic movement in Qatar. Committed to encouraging sports participation at every level, the QOC is also tasked with bringing world-class sports events to Qatar, ensuring sporting success and promoting Olympism.

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Planning and Statistics Authority

Formerly Urban Planning and Statistics, the Planning and Statistics Authority is responsible for the preparation and follow-up of national development strategies, while building a national statistical system to oversee all statistical processes in Qatar.

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Qatar Museums

As a cultural instigator for the creation generation, Qatar Museums aims to develop, promote and sustain the cultural sector. Helping Qatar originate art, culture and heritage experiences from within, Qatar Museums works to create and support the next generation of cultural audiences, generating a national spirit of participation, while inspiring audiences and producers of the future.

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Qatar Chamber

Qatar Chamber is tasked with organising business interests and representing the Qatari private sector locally and globally, while also supporting the country’s economic actors and productivity.

All members of the private sector must be registered with Qatar Chamber in order to perform commercial and industrial activities in the country. The Chamber offers advice to members regarding legal, commercial, economic, or technical matters, while also providing mechanisms of reconciliation, conciliation and arbitration to settle disputes.

Among many other tasks, the Chamber issues certificates of origin for exported goods, and attests data and documents of individuals and companies, as well as signatures, stamps, certificates and contracts and other documents required for commercial transactions inside and outside the country.

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