Fusion Group Holding is one of the leading holding groups in the Middle East, providing a multitude of services through our subsidiaries and affiliates to support companies in every aspect. Fusion Group Holding works in several industries including safety & security, information, communication & technology, healthcare, oil & gas, aviation & defense, and design, construction & system integration, in Qatar, Oman, Iraq, and the USA.

Fusion Technology is the newest addition to the subsidiaries – specializing in integration systems and solutions in the technology sector. It has already carried out over 100 projects together with Fusion Group Holding in Qatar.

Fusion Technology is an operational and sustainment partner, bringing the experience of developing and managing integration systems and solutions together with some of the leading companies in the technology sector. Fusion Technology work in the following industries:

– Systems integration

– Specialized Information, Communications & Technology

– Aviation and Airport Systems Solutions

– Automated Disinfection Solutions

– Program Management and Resourcing

Following the outbreak of COVID-19, Fusion Technology has focused its efforts on partnering with leading companies providing innovative solutions to these new challenges. Below follows some of the newest innovations in response to the recent crisis.

UV Disinfection Robot

This device targets Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI), which affect millions of patients every year. Beyond causing thousands of deaths, HAI also incur high costs both of which can be prevented with this new technology. The UV Disinfection Robot emits UV-C light that breaks down the DNA structure of infectious microorganisms, reducing their spread in vulnerable areas such as patient rooms and operating rooms. It is fully autonomous and can be easily operated by the hospital’s cleaning staff. It has been tested and verified at the Odense University Hospital and other microbiological laboratories

ENS Group UV Clean

The UV-Clean Stand Alone unit disinfects portable devices like tablets and smartphones by dispensing UV-C light over a tray in stainless-steel. It kills 99,9% of all harmful microorganisms and is activated through motion-sensor.

Intelligent Body Temperature Detection & Disinfection Machine

This security door detects human body temperature and atomizes disinfectant liquid to be used in public places to reduce the spread of viruses like COVID-19. The device includes an infrared temperature measurement sensor, which will trigger an alarm when detecting high body temperatures. The disinfectant liquid is atomized to be spread around the entire door to kill the majority of viruses and bacteria. When a person reaches within two meters from the door, it will start detecting temperature and prepare for disinfection automatically.

SAB – COVID 19 detection and containment system

G2K is a German software platform designed to detect, register, and contact trace infected people. This provides a more accurate analysis of virus spread, which can help slow down and even interrupt the chain of infection. This relieves the health care system and helps protect risk groups. The detection can be done from a smartphone, which provides contactless checks for fever symptoms. It can also show an overview of all detected cases as well as a map showing virus hotspots.

Project Black

This project aims to provide the best respirators for military and law enforcement. It promises protection without compromising performance. The Project Black TR2 Tactical Respirator II is designed for the toughest environments while ensuring perfect breathability, simple filter changes, and comfortability even for extended use.

KC Smart Helmet N901

Designed for wear in needs of epidemic control in public places, the Smart Helmet integrates multiple technologies, including KC intelligent metamaterial technology. This AI-powered helmet screens citizens for fever and is equipped with cameras, AR glasses, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 5G. With the facial recognition feature, the helmet can also identify citizens with symptoms.

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