In response to COVID-19, Qatar has been at the forefront of using technological advancements
to improve public safety. Fusion Technology is supporting this work by launching several
initiatives to reduce virus spread. The UV Disinfection Robots and Intelligent Thermal Detection Helmets are now being used at Hamad International International Airport.

The UV- C Disinfection Robots

To combat Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI), a rising problem where patients contract a virus
during their hospitalization, Fusion Technology has introduced the UV Disinfection Robots. Apart
from infecting millions of patients and killing thousands every year, HAI contribute to high costs
for hospitals in caring for the affected patients. This can be alleviated through the use of UV
Disinfection Robots in hospitals.

The robot emits concentrated UV-C light in patient rooms and operations rooms to prevent and
reduce the spread of infectious microorganisms. It is fully autonomous and can be simply
operated by cleaning staff through an application. This supports existing cleaning routines and
helps prevent the spread of viruses such as COVID-19. The robot has been tested in several
independent microbiological laboratories and at the Odense University Hospital.

The Intelligent Thermal Helmets

The Smart Screening Helmet is a wearable intelligent helmet, which is portable, safe and effective, and enables contactless temperature measurement. This helmet uses multiple advanced technologies such as infrared thermal imaging, artificial intelligence and AR (augmented reality) display. It can also enable implementation of mobile deployment-based control scenarios. Using the latest technology and tools, HIA will continue to conduct thermal screening and disinfection procedures for all staff and passengers. Travellers at HIA will be screened using thermal and temperature screening.

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