The Attestation of an education certificate is an essential step towards obtaining residence in Qatar and may be needed for other important bureaucratic procedures as well. So, what do you need to do to ensure all your documentation is in order?

It’s usually best to ensure your education certificate – alongside the accompanying letter certifying the authenticity of that certificate and your transcript of marks – is processed before leaving home. It can be much trickier arranging this process once you are actually in Qatar.

Your Education Certificate

Before we go into the certificate’s accompanying letter, let’s first discuss the attestation of the educational certificate itself.

First, you should make sure that the certificate is suitable for use in Qatar. It’s worth bearing in mind that certificates of undergraduate degrees completed by distance learning, online learning or by affiliation cannot be authenticated for use in Qatar, thereby are not accepted in most cases.

Also note that if you hold a Master’s Degree, this will not be accepted and attested in Qatar without presenting your fully attested Bachelor’s Degree certificate. So, if you hold a Master’s Degree, it is best to get both your Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree certificates attested together, alongside the official letter of certificate and transcript of marks for both.

If your education certificate is suitable for use in Qatar, make sure all documents originate outside Qatar and are duly notarised, attested and legalised. For that to happen, they must be:

  • Notarised in the country of origin before a Notary Public;
  • Attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in that country;
  • Stamped by the Qatar Embassy in or responsible for that country;
  • Finally, stamped by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Doha.

In order to complete the final step of having the education certificate stamped by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Qatar, an attested official letter from the university or institute, indicating the authenticity of the certificate, will be required, alongside the attested transcript of your marks.

Your Accompanying Letter

Procedures are now in place that require an accompanying letter to prove the authenticity of each educational certificate, alongside a transcript of marks.

Much like the education certificate itself, both the letter and the transcript of marks need to be attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Qatari Embassy in the country of origin, before final legalisation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Qatar.

Prior to these new procedures being introduced, the embassy would have accepted a letter from the university or institute in a simple format, confirming that the certificate-holder studied during the specified period. However, this letter was not mandatory.

Today, however, for an educational certificate to be attested, it not only requires an accompanying letter, but that letter also needs to hold a certain format.

This includes supplying specific information, such as the type of degree, the duration of the course, the authenticity of the certificate, and so on. Note that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Qatar prefers the letter to state the studies were completed as a ‘Full Time – Regular Student’, as degrees obtained through Part-Time learning are not always accepted in Qatar.

The following information must be confirmed in the letter:

  • Authenticity of the certificate,
  • Study system (full or part-time),
  • Venue of study and examination (the city or state),
  • Type of degree obtained (Diploma, Bachelor’s or Master’s),
  • Duration of course,
  • Institution status (government or private),
  • Institution’s accreditation at the time of study.

Sample Letter



To whoever it may concern,

This is to certify that NAME (Reg No: XXXXXX) was a bona fide student of COLLEGE NAME, STATE, COUNTRY.

He/She has successfully completed COURSE DETAILS (MODE – regular/evening/distance education) during the period XXXXXX, with CLASS TYPE. (Note: Full Time – Regular Student is preferred).

The details of educational qualification of the candidate were duly verified with the records of this office and found to be genuine.

Name:                         XXXXXX

Reg. No:                       XXXXXX

Department:               XXXXXX

Period of Study:           XXXXXX

Mode of Study:            XXXXXX

Class:                           XXXXXX

Year of Passing:           XXXXXX

Examination Venue:    XXXXXX




College stamp/seal

Following Procedure

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